Commitment Deposit
 We pour all we have into your learning experience.
In an effort to honor and serve those who are truly committed to the learning process, we will gladly return all remaining commitment deposit after conditions and terms have been met.
We believe effort and commitment to the process is essential. Maintaining a commitment deposit for 32 sessions is an integral component of accountability to yourself and the community of learners.
Commitment Deposit Terms and Conditions
Maintaining your commitment deposit is challenging, but necessary, simple and sweet!
Step 1: Connect for all four weekly sessions
Step 2: You must be punctual. (Yes, even one minute is late)
Commitment Deposit Reductions
We take learning seriously and only work with those who are invested in themselves as well.
Each occurrence of tardiness is a reduction of $7.80.
Each missed session reduces your commitment deposit by $20.00.
  • Five missed sessions will result in a forfeiture  of your learning agreement with the Core Spanish learning program. Your remaining deposit will be returned.