About The Program

We begin the Spanish journey through intense visual audio interaction together nearly every day.

Each session builds upon the session before,

this is not simply learning useful words and phrases,

this is contextual mastery with real-time, personal feedback and guidance.


No matter what your area of expertise may be, your lessons will be tailored to you and your INTERESTS.
ProgramTree FINAL

What do I need to start?

To start all you need is a computer with:
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • A Zoom Account

Does my schedule have to be same the each same week?

Absolutely not! We are all busy people with busy schedules. You can change your session anytime provided there is a time slot available, and it is 24 hours before your scheduled lesson. If it is less than 24 hours notice, approval is necessary to ensure your session can be accommodated.

Do I need to study outside of class?

Absolutely not! Since we have sessions nearly every day, your brain never has a chance to turn off. As you continue learning, you will begin to see Spanish everywhere.

When is the course over?

You get to decide when you feel confident in your Spanish abilities! After 32 sessions, your deposit will be returned, and then you can stop and Start lessons as you like.


Is there a minimum age requirement?

No, however, the student should be able to connect via skype, focus for the entire session and articulate when additional support is needed.

I was waitlisted, what should I do now?

Sit tight! For every six students that are waitlisted, an additional instructor is added to our team. It is our goal to accommodate each and every student that is ready to learn!

Can I request unavailable time slots?

Sure, simply send us an email and we will attempt to open that time slot for you if possible.